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A simple guide to the Web3 stack

Web3 is the latest buzzword to see an uptick in interest in recent months — What does it actually mean?


Protocol Layer

At the bottom of the stack, we have the protocol layer. This is made up of the underlying blockchain architecture on top of which everything else gets built.

Infrastructure / Category Primitives

The infrastructure layer sits on top of the protocol layer and is composed of interoperable building blocks (what we’re calling “category primitives”) that are highly reliable at doing a specific task.

Use Case Layer

Atop the protocol and infrastructure layers sit the use case layer, where it all comes together.

Access Layer

At the tippy top of the stack sits the access layer — applications that serve as the entry point for all manner of Web3 activities.

The ever-evolving stack

The protocols, infrastructure, user applications, and access points named above make up the nascent, yet evolving world of Web3: an internet owned by its users. Beyond ownership, the power of Web3 lies in its modularity and interoperability. Essentially, this means that there are endless ways that the above stack can be combined to create new and interesting use cases — a feature that we expect will lead to a Cambrian explosion of new, world-changing applications.

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