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A Strange Message Appeared On Ethereum’s 2.0 First Block


With the launch of Ethereum 2.0 first block, a strange message appeared but what does it actually mean? Let’s try and find out in the latest Ethereum news.

The Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain launched today officially and started the first phase of the scaling upgrade on the second-biggest blockchain by market cap. While the launch went as planned, there was only one element that was surprising. On the first block, the message was written that nobody understood at first sight. Rather than to pay homage to the first launch of ETH or to even take aim at the banks being bailed out, the message was more peculiar and said:

 “Mr F was here.”

Considering the syntax of the strange message, it was written in the “graffiti” section of the block where the validators usually write the own messages. This is similar to the part in BTC blocks where the miners leave messages but what does it mean and who is Mr. F? Some believe that this is a reference to the popular TV show Arrested Development since the fifth episode of the third season was named Mr. F. But still, no one knows who Mr. F is and whether it is an inappropriate acronym. It turns out that the origins of Mr. F are different.


According to the screenshots of the discord conversation, an entity known as Mr Fahrenheit was awarded the honor of creating the first 2.0 block. Mr. Fahrenheit is a decentralized app developer who was a veteran in the ETH ecosystem before delving into the Tron blockchain. In 2019 back in January he was running the Tron Shrimp Team which created a dapp called the Tron Shrimp Farm and had about 31,671 users in one day but it is no longer active.

He/She was then asked what he should write in the first Ethereum 2.0 block and suggested:

 “What if I denounce bitcoin and compare it to the typewriter.”

Evidently, he made a decision and after Beacon Chain was launched, it was up to the foundation to clear up the mystery. Hudson Jameson asked Mr. Fahrenheit on Discord whether the block graffiti was a reference to the TV series and he replied:

 “Nope.Iit’s just short for Mr Fahrenheit as in the queen song, or if you are looking at my [Vitalik Buterin] autograph it’s short for “Mr Farenheit” instead.”

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