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Augmented Reality Platform Merges With Ethereum NFTs: Report


Augmented reality platform MetaverseMe is merging with Enjin to bring Ethereum NFTs to the blockchain so let’s read more in our latest Ethereum news.

The new partnership between augmented reality platform MetaverseMe and Enjin will bring Ethereum NFTs to the blockchain and will also allow the creation of these non-fungible tokens in the form of a “hyper-realistic avatar.”

Starting from February 23, the users of the MetaverseMe app will be able to take real-world selfies and to generate digital avatars and can also bring these avatars to life by recording them in augmented reality as well as sharing the videos via social media. CEO of eBalR games and Director of MetaVerseMe Martyn Hughes said:

 “It won’t be long before the blockchain is recognized as the defacto standard for sharing assets across the Metaverse. Being able to truly own assets and take them and use them in your favourite games, across genres and gaming styles is going to revolutionize the digital economy and gaming.”



The limited set of digital fashion items will be the first collection of NFTs that will be adopted by MetaverseMe. The users will also be able to bring these scarce NFTs into the virtual words including The Six Dragons and Minecraft.

As recently reported, Over the past year, the NFT market boomed as it gained some ground with the digital art market exploding and the developers experimented with a variety of use cases. The data from NonFungible shows that over the past 30 days, there were about 58,400 NFT sales and about $12.7 million worth of volume. In the same time frame, MANA is the token behind the blockchain-based virtual world Decentraland which totaled about $636,000 in NFT Trades. The virtual reality platform is built on the ETH blockchain and it provides a digital landscape where the players are able to explore, interact with other players and purchase land plots with the other items.

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Animator and video producer as well as Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland decided to soon launch a lineup of non-fungible token- NFT artwork as the Nifty Gateway digital art platform tweeted. This move marks his first foray in the crypto and NFT market which gained prominence over the past year with the niche audience that’s willing to shell out major amounts on crypto art. Nifty Gateway is owned by the Gemini crypto exchange and it is one of the bigger players in the NFT market.

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