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Number Of ETH Nodes Surpasses Bitcoin’s For The First Time Ever


The number of ETH nodes surpassed the one of Bitcoin for the first time ever as the second-crypto by market cap is booming. The so-called “world decentralized computer” surpassed BTC in terms of nodes as of today, according to the latest data so let’s read more in the latest Ethereum news.

The data from Ethereum’s node service and tech company Bitfly showed that the number of ETH nodes surpassed the one of Bitcoin as it has over 11137 active nodes while Bitcoin has 10981 active nodes. Nodes are the backbone of any blockchain system and within these, is where the blockchain data is stored so they can be run on both average user computer and commercial servers. All blockchain nodes are connected to each other and they exchange data with each other in order to keep the network up and running. The data is stored, spread, and preserved in the blockchain with nodes that contain a full copy of the transaction history on the blockchain called “full nodes.”

Image: Bitnodes

The speedy growth of the ETH network now made it into the biggest blockchain network even though it was created more than six years after Bitcoin. This happened because of the wide number of applications and products that run on ETH compared to BTC which has seen less usage as a tech network and more like a cryptocurrency. In the meantime, the US leads in Bitcoin node adoption with more than 1847 nodes set in the country. Tech player Germany came on the list next with 1712 nods with France coming in next with 578 nodes.


China controls most of Bitcoin’s hashing power as it does not seem to have trackable BTC nodes. The ETH network grew immensely over the past week with more than 2200 nods added after November 23. This coincides with the latest ETH 2.0 network launch which saw ETH shift from the current proof of work consensus design to the proof of stake mechanism. It will go live tomorrow, on December 1st and this is the first of a number of phases. ETH will see a faster network, low fees, and more scalability once the 2.0 is rolled out which will likely take years before it is completed in its entirety.

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