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Parity Users Should Update Nodes Due To Unexpected Attack

According to a recent warning by the quickest Ethereum client, it looks like the Parity users need to implement new updates because of the possibility that its nodes could be under attack as we reported earlier in the ETH news.

As the last day of this year is passing by a new announcement was announced on the website of Ethereum client, Parity. The announcement says that the firm, Parity Technologies, got and investigated reports from some Parity Ethereum nodes that were not properly synchronizing.

Parity’s team made the conclusion that there could be an attack underway, which is the answer on why they so quickly published two new updates called v2.6.8-beta and v2.5.13-stable. The updates should implement certain changes that can protect the nodes from the aforementioned attack, if the potential of one is fulfilling now or in the future, and Parity advises users to implement the new updates as quickly as the can. Additionally, the team advises the Parity users to implement these patches, even if they did not have any issues. The two new releases can be found on Github.

As many could already know, Parity is a client of Ethereum that allows for fast synchronization to the Ethereum’s blockchain and network. Additionally, Parity maximizes uptime for the ones who use the network, which includes various service providers, crypto miners, and even cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that Parity provides a basic infrastructure that is vital for dependable quick services.

According to the present knowledge about 20 hours ago one Ethereum user called Peter Pratscher, and reported certain issues while he used Parity client v2.5.12. The Parity team investigated the report and noted certain problems on block $11355. The team recognized that their client had halted synchronizing and that it displayed errors which is something that shouldn’t happen with the system.

As much in the cryptocurrency sector are now aware, Ethereum was supposed to receive a major update through Ice Age by now. But regrettably, the update suffered some unexpected complications which posed a threat to the speed of the entire network, which is the reason why a hard fork known as Muir Glacier was suggested. Allegedly, the hard fork will solve the Ice Age challenges and the network would continue its operations as it supposed to. But the hard fork will not take place before block 9,200,000 which is anticipated to come on January 2nd, 2020.

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