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GDAX Scheduled Downtime Process – The Coinbase Blog

The digital asset market is unique. Unlike markets for more traditional financial products such as securities, commodities, and bonds, digital assets trade 24/7/365. There are no “market hours” or “after-hours trading”. Willing buyers and sellers may trade whenever they like.

We believe this allows a more fair and transparent market to develop. Traders around the world have equal opportunity to react to information and participate in the price discovery process, whether they are located in San Francisco, London, or Singapore.

This presents unique challenges for a digital asset exchange. We do not have the luxury of nights and weekends off. Our systems need to provide a level of stability and performance that meets the demands of professional traders any time of day. Customers need to know that their order will be executed as instructed every time.

Like any business we need periods of brief downtime to maintain and upgrade our systems. Today, we published a Scheduled Downtime process to provide clarity around that event. This process defines how we will announce, implement, and recover from periods of downtime, ensuring we maintain a fair and orderly market throughout the event.

We’re committed to operating an institutional grade exchange, and implementing operational best practices is an important component of that commitment. Start trading today by signing up for a GDAX account.

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