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STR Capital Review: Your Best Online Trading Experience

As the years go by, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a reliable broker that will help you trade smoothly in the financial market and also maximize your profits.

This is mainly due to the increase of scammers who claim to be brokers, and once you deposit, they defraud you. Globally, millions of online brokers are all providing the same services. 

However, the quality of the service differs from one broker to the other. It is, therefore, appropriate to do thorough research before you choose a broker because it is a decision that can either benefit you or cause you huge losses.

STR Capital is one broker out of the numerous brokers that provide quality brokerage services that will enable you to trade smoothly. It is committed to providing you with an expanding asset selection, 5-star support, and personal assistance.

It also has a lot of experienced consultants that will guide you through the trading processes and help you make smart trading choices that will enable you to get the best out of your investment by grabbing most lucrative investment opportunities.

This STR Capital review will focus on some of the unique features that this broker has to offer you and why you need to consider signing up with it to provide you with its brokerage services.


In recent years, online trading has become subject to many threats that can result from a breach in the security of the trading platform. Hackers are constantly looking for opportunities and loopholes in the security system of online trading platforms to steal investors’ funds and, in many cases, the sensitive personal information of clients.

Therefore, maintaining a high level of security is an essential requirement for every broker. When you are making a choice of an online broker to sign up with to trade smoothly in the financial market, your primary concern should be on the security measures that the broker has put in place to ensure that your information and investments are safe.

STR Capital is a broker that takes matters about security very seriously. It has implemented various security methods that are geared toward protecting clients’ identity and funds.

Before being fully registered with the broker, you are expected to provide various information about yourself, including your address, banking details, and more. 

This is in line with the Anti-money Laundering (AML) policy and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance that the broker has put in place in a bid to verify the identity of its prospective clients and ensure that its system is free of money laundering and identity frauds.

STR Capital ensures that every information you entrusted into its care is treated as private. This personal information will never be disclosed to a third party without your permission, thus, allowing you to maintain a measure of anonymity while trading.

Additionally, the broker employs some of the best encryption protocols and SSL systems to all of its platforms to protect both the funds and information of its clients, including debit or credit card information.

Variety Of Assets:

The broker makes it very easy for you to trade in the financial market by providing you with a variety of assets that you can choose from. You can start with one’s that you feel very comfortable with and expand your portfolio as you go on.

Below are some of the assets that STR Capital makes available on its trading platform 

  • Commodities:

Commodities trading has been in existence for a very long time. It is often viewed as a very important market as it contributes generously to the growth of a country’s economy.

STR Capital gives you the opportunity of trading on different categories of commodities ranging from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, to agricultural products such as cotton, coffee, soybeans, energy-generating natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, gasoline and even livestock and meat such as live cattle, pork bellies and many more.

You can trade on all these commodities when you sign up with STR Capital.

  • Forex:

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It allows you to take advantage of various warring currencies to make profits.

The broker allows you to engage in the foreign exchange market by providing you with a wide variety of currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the euro, and more, along with various currency pairs that you can trade on.

  • Indices:

Indices refer to a group of assets which represent an entire market or a specific section of it. Trading on indices gives you insight into the performance of a particular asset class or a portion of it.

At STR Capital, you can trade on various indices, including the popular ones such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and more. These indices are often traded via Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

CFDs allow you to make profits from both bull and bear markets by either opening a long position if you think an underlying asset will rise or a short position if you think the asset will fall.

Trading indices is a smart way to trade on some of the top financial markets in the world without having to analyze the performance of individual company stock.

  • Stocks

The broker allows you to trade on the stocks of various multinational companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Tesla, and many more.

You can make profits from these stocks either through a rise in the share price or by receiving dividends. 


Making deposits into your STR Capital trading account is very easy as you can access the deposit option from your account dashboard.

The broker has even made the depositing process more convenient by providing a variety of methods with which you can find your account. You can make deposits either via bank wire transfers or debit and credit cards.

It takes just a few minutes for any deposit you made using debit or credit cards to appear on your trading account. Bank wire transfers, on the other hand, although being safer, can take a long time before the deposits are successful, sometimes even taking up to 45 business days.


The broker is aware that time is of utmost importance to investors and so it tries as much as possible to process all withdrawal requests very quickly.

In order to guarantee the success of the withdrawal process, you will have to place a withdrawal request via your trading account on the broker’s platform. You are expected to give the broker one full business day in order to process your request. 

It is imperative to note that you will be fined about $250 if you make a withdrawal request from your trading account without carrying out any trading activity. Therefore, to avoid paying this fine, you will have to conduct trades using the amount that you have deposited into your account and earn a profit that is equivalent to the original deposit and equally keep the gain in the account for at least seven business days.

Multiple Account Types:

STR Capital is a broker that is dedicated to making its services available to every type of trader, both new and advanced traders, in the financial market. For this reason, it has designed its trading accounts in a manner that will suit the level of experience and risk tolerance of each and every one of its clients.

The broker has about six different account types on its trading platform, which attends to the diverse requirements of each trader at any level.

  • The Basic Account:

This is the first account type on the broker’s trading platform. It requires a minimum deposit of €500 and is suitable for novices in the financial market.

This account gives you up to 10 percent loyalty bonus and an insurance level of up to 10 percent. You also have access to trading alerts, trading signals once a day, and an account manager for two weeks.

  •  Silver Account:

This is the second account type available on the broker’s trading platform. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of €10,000, with a loyalty bonus of up to 20 percent.

Holders of this account enjoy access to advanced charts, trading alerts, trading signals once a day, account manager for up to two weeks, and an insurance level of up to 20 percent.

  •  Gold Account:

This account is designed for traders who have gotten a little bit more experience and can now trade with higher sums. It requires a minimum deposit of €100,000 and up to 30 percent loyalty bonuses.

This account gives traders access to advanced charts, exclusive updates, trading alerts, trading signals about twice a day, a permanent account manager, and a group of analysts. This account also has an insurance level of up to 30 percent.

  • Platinum Account

The least amount that you can deposit into this trading account is €250,000, and it offers a loyalty bonus of up to 60 percent.

The platinum account provides you with a permanent account manager, a group of analysts, advanced charts, trading alerts, exclusive updates, trading signals about thrice a day, and up to 60 percent insurance level.

  • Diamond Account:

This account is for experienced traders in the financial market. It requires a minimum deposit of €500,000 to open this account, and you can enjoy up to 80 percent loyalty bonus.

Holders of this account have unlimited access to trade signals, trade alerts, insurance levels of up to 80 percent, a permanent account manager, exclusive updates, and advanced charts.

  • The Millionaire Club:

Just as the name suggests, this account is specifically reserved for expert traders who understand clearly the various market trends and how to trade successfully in the financial market.

This expert traders have a substantial investment capital coupled with a high level of risk tolerance that will enable them to bear any losses they may encounter during their trading activities.

The minimum amount you can deposit into this account is €1,000,000, and you can enjoy a loyalty bonus of up to 100 percent. This account also has an insurance level of 100 percent.

Holders of this account enjoy several unique features and privileges that are not made available for other account holders. They have access to a money management plan, a permanent account manager, a group of analysts, exclusive updates, advanced charts, and every other feature that is available on the STR Capital trading platform.

All these accounts are designed with a particular group of traders in mind. It will be in your best interest to choose one that is suitable for your level of experience in the financial market as well as one that you can be able to bear any losses that arise from a market crash.


Transparency is one principal quality of a good broker. When you are dealing with a transparent broker, you can be able to trade with confidence, knowing that nothing can be done with your investments without your consent.

STR Capital is a broker that knows the importance of transparency, and that is why it tries as much as possible to make sure that its clients fully understand how everything on the platform works. It does this by providing you with a series of risk disclosures and policies. 

The broker is also accountable for any fund that you deposit into your account, including the smallest amount. 

User-friendly Platform:

The trading platform at STR Capital is designed to enable clients to trade in the financial market with great ease. You can trade on the platform from anywhere you are via your web browser without any need for a download.

Its intuitive interface provides you with a list of tools that can help you trade seamlessly, such as real-time depth charts, order books, trade history, and easy to use charting tools. It also provides you with a list of learning materials where you can go from understanding the basics of trading in the financial market to several other advanced topics that will go a long way to help you make smart trading decisions.


Final Words:

When searching for a good broker, you should not be primarily concerned about what you see on the platform. Instead, do in-depth research on how the broker operates. Most online brokers make tall claims about the quality of the services they provide. However, many of those claims are proven to be false upon careful research.

STR Capital is a broker that meets every requirement of a good broker, including security, transparency, diversity of trading assets, and many more. The broker is out to provide you with top-notch services to enable you to trade conveniently and with confidence.

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