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TFX25 Review – Trade Financial Markets With Confidence

Aside from having a sound knowledge of financial markets, and enough capital to invest, another vital determinant of how successful an investor can be in the long run is their choice of brokerage service.

Choosing the right broker is vital for investors (both retail and institutional) to maximize their returns by leveraging on tools and services offered by the brokerage company.

In this report, we’ll review TFX25.com, a Forex & CFD markets brokerage platform that has shown real promise when it comes to meeting the needs of its client, and adding a plethora of new tools from time to time.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using the broker, and how it compares against competitors.

TFX25.com Review

TFX25.com is a brokerage service operated by UK-based London Capital Trade. TFX25 was founded with the core objective of allowing traders to access and trade the most popular assets – currencies, commodities, indices – on a powerful, user-friendly, and fair platform. 

After going through the features of the platform, we discovered that traders could also gain the following benefits when they use TFX25.

Diverse Market Options

Unlike some brokers that allow users to trade only a few assets, the TFX25 unlocks the financial market to a trader with the opportunity to invest in the Forex market, metals, indices, shares, energies, and bonds.

The offerings for different markets are also rich. For instance, under its forex offering,  TFX25 clients can trade a multitude of pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics, for some of the tightest spreads in the market (starting from 0 pips).

Also, for its Spot Metal, TFX25 offers a 1% margin on gold and silver while mitigating the additional foreign exchange exposure that usually comes with trading these assets.

The ‘Top Trades’ and ‘Popular Trends’ section on the website offers insight on the most profitable trades within a given period, which investors can buy into for reasonable profits via their accounts.

Overall, instead of going to different platforms to trade these assets, you can trade all of them in one place using TFX25.

Multiple Account Types

While competitors offer at most three account tiers, TFX25 offers four, taking into account the diverse needs of the different categories of traders that may want to trade on the brokerage platform.

The Basic plan, which is ideal for beginners, requires a minimum deposit of $250 and includes the daily analysis that is also available across other account tiers. Other benefits of the Basic account are a 24/7 customer service desk, video tutorials, and access to both the web and mobile trading interface.

The other account tiers, namely Micro, Personal, and VIP, unlock more features across the hierarchy. These add-ons include a dedicated account manager, premium daily analysis, and access to webinars and seminars organized by TFX25.

Traders can start with a plan that matches their portfolio and trading needs with the upgrade plan option always available.

Trade on Multiple Devices

TFX25 offers Metatrader 4 support and also, allowing the firm to provide the most advanced trading platform from any PC, notebook, and mobile/tablet device. 

For investors who like to trade assets on the go, having access to trade on multiple devices is a huge asset since they can no longer miss out on the best deals because of not having access to a PC.

Also worthy of note is that irrespective of the device, the TFX25 platform supports  Push quotes, news, global indexes, and interactive charts, all in real-time.


Educational Resources

Provision of educational resources is one of TFX25’s strongest points, with the firm’s website being the only among a few reputable brokers to features a new section on the home page and a free beginner guide to Forex trading.

The beginner guide covers vital information such as fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, trading plan, and trading volatility. Most brokers literally won’t give away such information unless you since up for at least a beginner account.

Aside from the aforementioned, though, the broker also helps traders achieve more brilliant results through the use of video tutorials, daily market analysis, and premium daily analysis for VIP account holders.

Customer Support

Like most brokers, TFX25 maintains the industry standard of offering 24/5 customer service support since the global financial market is closed at the weekend. The primary means of communication is email, while clients can use the provided phone support option for cases where texts do not clearly convey their account issues.


TFX25 embeds a strong compliance policy, covering different aspects of regulatory requirements. The requirements include, but are not restricted to, anti-money laundering (AML), deposits and withdrawals, refunds, and risk disclosure.

For payments, users can securely deposit and withdraw funds using wire transfer or debit and credit cards issued by either VISA or Mastercard. There is also support for the e-payment system, WebMoney.

Here are some of the missing features we found.

Crypto Trading Support 

While the TFX25 platform lists nearly all tradable assets on the financial market, it appears the platform is yet to introduce support for cryptocurrencies, as there is little to no mention of this throughout the website.

However, the fact that the broker is always rolling out new products and the rapid growth of crypto assets means that crypto trading should be integrated. Note that the option wasn’t available at the time of writing this report, so you can check if it has been added.

No LiveChat

While some brokers offer the LiveChat support feature on their website, the same cannot be said of TFX25 at the time of writing this review. Also, the site is available in only the English language, given its popularity with the global community.

Final Words

TFX25, as highlighted in this review, offers a wide range of trading accounts and tools that could meet the demands of anyone, both beginners and experienced traders who ply their trade in the financial market.

Using such efficient service execution affords traders the chance to focus on making the right market calls rather than worry about whether they’d lose their funds or lack the right information to win their trades.

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